Can I Purchase a Kitten? What You Should Be Aware Of

Can I Purchase a Kitten? What You Should Be Aware Of: When you buy a kitten, you are committing to a specific roommate for the next ten years or more.

So pay close attention because this is a major commitment! To make the best option, consider three factors: the perfect type of cat, the optimal breeder, and the right kitten from the litter.

can i purchase a kitten

Match your kitty to your way of life.

Every kitten is appealing, but they don’t stay little for long! While every cat has quirks, the breed may tell you a lot about the attitude and temperament you can expect once your kitten grows into a full-grown cat.

So, before you go out seeking for a kitten to love, consider the following:

Will someone be present, or will your cat be left alone most of the time?

What kind of cat do you wish to get?

Do you have the time to completely groom yourself? What do you think about cat hair on furniture?

Do you already have pets such as cats or dogs?

Do you want a cat that gets along well with children?

Once you’ve identified this, you can look into the various breeds that will best suit your requirements. Our cat breed guides will assist you in getting started.

The most noticeable breed characteristics are found in pedigreed cats. Current estimates indicate that four out of every five cats in the UK are not. When choosing a pet, look into the breeding history of the kitten’s parents, as this may reveal information about the kitten’s personality.

Choosing the Best Cat Breeder

If you choose a kitten from a respectable breeder that knows what they’re doing, the kitten you bring home is much more likely to be healthy and have a good demeanor.

So, if the mother was well cared for before and after birth if the birthing quarters are clean and tidy, and if the breeder (especially if it’s a pedigreed cat) is aware about the necessities of that breed, these are all strong indicators.

Cut catnip

Here are some things to watch for.

Discover the internet and social media. Local cat clubs are frequently able to provide thorough information about trustworthy breeders (and those to avoid). Visit the Facebook pages and forums of the clubs.

It’s a one-way street. It’s comforting to know that the breeder is concerned about the type of household the puppies will be placed in!

In the future, the breeder will be able to choose the best kitten from the litter depending on your specifications.

Limit pedigreed cats to one or two breeds. Anything above that suggests you’re dealing with a “kitten farm,” which grows large numbers of often sick kittens for profit.

You’re aware of the kitten’s lineage. They are well-versed in the temperament and health conditions of the mother and father.

They are aware of the breed’s requirements. This is critical: if the breed is predisposed to certain hereditary illnesses, they may show that the parents were examined.

The mother’s health checks are current.

They can provide proof that the mother has had all of her vaccines and dewormings.

The kittens had been dewormed.

Because parasites can be passed on to kittens through their mothers’ milk, this is an important aspect of caring for young kittens. If there is no trace of deworming, you should avoid this breeder.

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A pleasant household setting.

It is ideal for mother and kitten to play and eat in a regular home with lots of human contacts and a clean, safe environment. A kitten who has already lived in a typical home with different people, guests, televisions, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines has a better chance of successfully adjusting to a new home.

From the litter, the kitten was chosen.

Kittens are normally weaned at eight weeks of age. They should ideally stay with their mother until they are at least 12 weeks old. So, ideally, you’re dealing with kittens who are at least three months old. By this point, their personalities should have developed, and you should be able to detect any health issues.

Is their health good? Look for these indicators.

skin and coat The coat should be velvety with no bald spots. Dark dirt stains (which suggest a flea infestation!) should be avoided.

It should not be overly thick or too thin in terms of thickness. The ribs should not be evident, nor should the tummy be firm or protruding.

The nose, ears, and eyes A runny nose or discharge should be avoided. A runny nose, coughing, and sneezing may be caused by a simple infection, but they can also be symptoms of a more serious respiratory problem.


By this point, the kitten should be eating solid food. The teeth should be dazzling white, and the gums pink.

A neat back end. There are no signs of diarrhea!

Personality is critical.

Reduce yourself to their level! If the kitten has been socialized, it should be curious and interested in you rather than afraid of you.

They enjoy being made fun of. A kitten’s suspicion is normal at first, but hissing, biting, or shaking may indicate hostility or serious nervousness.

Playtime. The amount of time they spend playing with each other indicates whether or not the little guy will get along with other cats (or kids!) in your home.

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