About Us And Our Colloidal Silver Affiliate Program

Ezi Silver Distribute Colloidal Silver Cleaning & Sanitation Products Manufactured By The Largest Supplier Of Colloidal Silver Nanotechnology In South America

Based Out Of Peru Our Nano47 Colloidal Silver Products Were Manufactured Out Of Necessity … Poor Hygiene & Sanitation In Many Peruvian Villages & Towns Meant That The Population Required A Quick Natural Sanitizer & Cleanser To Clean & Protect Surfaces Bombarded By Bacteria, Fungus, Algae & Viruses On A Daily Basis.


Manufacturing Of Our High-Quality Colloidal Silver Takes Place Under Strict Pharmaceutical Guidelines In Peru & The USA, With Plans To Add Manufacturing Facilities In The UK & South Africa At A Later Date.


We Distribute Our Products To Some Of The Poorest Communities In The World FREE Of Charge … In Our Eyes, They Have The Right To Health & Protection As Any Other …


It Is Only By Sales Of Product To Those That Can Afford To Do So, That We Can Continue With Our Philanthropic Project To Serve & Protect Those Most Vulnerable To Disease & Sickness Worldwide.


In Return You Will Receive Pharmaceutical Grade Colloidal Silver Products Of The Highest Quality … Delivered Directly To Your Door Both In The UK & USA Currently Although Other Markets Are Also Serviced On A Regular Basis


Keep An Eye Out For Our Future Offerings Such As Amazon Infused Scents, Colloidal Silver Infused Masks With Filters, Colloidal Gold Products To Ease Malady & Inflammation & Many, Many More We Intend To Develop To Keep You, Your Family & Loved Ones Safe For Evermore


If You Have No Interest In Becoming An Affiliate Then Please Visit Us @ https://ezisilver.com To Purchase Online In The UK or USA, We Transfer ALL Our US Orders Directly To The US Manufacturing Base And Orders Are Distributed Directly From That Point …


Affiliate Rewards

Individuals or Companies that have chosen to promote our Nano47 Gold Colloidal Silver Products Shall be rewarded 30% commission upon each successful purchase of any of our ADD TO CART items.

Registered affiliates are also rewarded with the ability to author 1 post per month onto our EZi Silver Article Section

These articles may contain 1 link back to a website of your choice … if you need guidance then please become a member

With full membership we will guide you step by step in how best to promote your website with us …

We also distribute ALL posts across our syndication network & our social network accounts on many high authority platforms. (50+ links)

As Long As You Are In The Health Niche You Are Good To Go, Other Niches Please Contact Us

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EZi Silver Affiliate Program 30 Percent On All Add To Cart Items

The post EZi Silver Affiliate Program – Affiliates Receive 30% appeared first on Ezi Silver.

The post EZi Silver Affiliate Program – Affiliates Receive 30% appeared first on EZi Domains.



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