Buffer Site Wizard

For The Buffer Site Wizard Users In Here …



please refrain from comments until I am done loading screenshots



Scraper Settings


Steve Last


I’ve managed to get access back to all 5 of my old Tumblr accounts now. Do you find that Tumblr refuses to accept the correct passwords while it still knows what they are? Try re-using an old password and it’ll tell you you can’t because you’ve used it before!!! That’s because it IS and WAS still my password Tumblr you twits!
David WhiteGold Edwards


Content Generation Settings (please note 5 articles at a time)



Settings Inside Content Generator …




Advanced Settings …



Steve Last


@David WhiteGold Edwards

Absolute GOLD. Thanks. Wait a moment while I print those images out and blue tack them to the wall above my computer!! 😀

David WhiteGold Edwards


The Rest Is All Done Inside The WordPress Tab …


the first scrape took approx 2-3 minutes


content generation took about another 5


posting to wordpress & making final tweaks on the site itself … another 5 minutes (max)


complete process for 5 x sites = 30 minutes


then .. you go and find another keyword that takes your fancy and repeat the process … you could easily mainitain a 10 site network in approx 2 hours with coffee and lunch breaks 😉


the nice thing with buffer site wizard is that I can maintain 3 network platforms all at the same time


Amazon s3, Google Storage & WordPress


and then you have all the syndication that goes behind that on total auto pilot 💛


and then …

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