How Protest Signs Can Aid Your Campaign

Protest signs can help you get your message heard and remembered by individuals passing by. When done right, they may also be a powerful tool for rallying people to action. However, in order to have the most impact, protest banners must be used with discretion.
If you want to utilize protest posters or banners as part of your grassroots campaign, here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck.

“By carrying a sign and participating in a protest, you are communicating that you matter and that your voice should be heard.” It doesn’t matter to me if it’s hilarious or innovative; what matters is that you’re expressing yourself.”

How to Make Protest Signs Work for You

1. Try to make your statement as clear and concise as possible.
Use simple language and short words to convey one or two key points to everyone who views the sign.
2. Be creative
It does not have to be an original remark or phrase; in fact, many people prefer a basic protest banner since it is more approachable. Don’t let this prevent you from being creative! There are various ways to stand out with a distinctive banner that still speaks to your mission.
Color should be used.
Color is one of the most effective ways to make your banner stand out and get people’s attention. It also draws attention in low-light conditions (or bright daylight). Remember that your message must be read, so choose your colors carefully!


A protest sign’s message must be clear. It must deliver a certain message while also expressing the tone to spectators. A single protest sign’s wording can affect whether someone leaves the event in disgust, takes a photo to share on social media, or even decides to attend. In light of this, while comedy may be one of the most potent components to include on a protest sign, it can actively alienate people when used poorly. A message of inclusion, such as a cheery call to action, will lift the mood of your meeting. It is critical that the material be thought out rather than slapped together.

Protest Signs


Make a rough drawing of the text that will appear on your sign. To allow for huge fonts, your statement should be as succinct as possible, using as few words as possible. The wording on your sign, whether printed or handwritten, should be presented such that it can be read from a distance.

Text posters make the maximum impact when the color pallet is limited. Even if the backdrop is vibrant, your main text should stand out against it. Kerning is essential for crowd-surfing communication to be effective. If someone can’t read your sign because you ran out of room and jammed a bunch of letters together, it’s as if you’re not holding it at all. Stand far enough away from your poster to test its readability. Where do you have to squint to read it?


When it comes to attracting someone’s attention, some colors perform extremely well together. Orange and blue, for example, are frequently used together on movie posters because they are “complementary” or “opposite” hues that help each other stand out.

Another useful way to choose colors is to imitate the styles of traffic signs and other eye-catching indicators. Highlighting white-on-red, black-on-yellow, and black-on-orange, for example, is likely to capture passers-attention. by’s

If you wish to utilize colors other than black, avoid using too pale tints. The colors pink and yellow will be difficult to read.

How do we create protest signs?

First, decide on your message; carefully consider what you want to convey.
When making a sign, always refer to the font you’re using for the text. If you want it to read a certain way, ensure the typography matches. Determine the size of your sign next.
If your demonstration will take place on a busy street corner, consider how wide the sign should be so that people do not walk into it. You don’t want anyone to be hurt or injured due to your sign.
The production of protest banners is the most important part (especially if you want people to pay attention). This guarantees that they are as effective and visible as possible!

Once you’ve settled on a design, you can use our online designer to submit it to us. If you are a professional designer, you can use Adobe Creative Suite.
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