Instead of Aimlessly Scrolling Your Phone, Try These Activities

Instead of Aimlessly Scrolling Your Phone, Try These Activities: Don’t just look at your phone! Pushing your phone to one side on purpose can make or break your mental game. Instead of mindlessly surfing the web, consider some of the alternatives listed below.

So you made it through the day – congratulations! What better way to celebrate than to lie in bed and aimlessly scroll through your phone? Wrong.

With so much research available, it should be no surprise that limiting screen time an hour before bedtime improves your mental space.

We all have the same nightly routine of scrolling, scrolling, and repeating, whether we spend our nights alone or with our spouse or roommate.

Allow yourself the time you need to read your social media feed or global news after work, but once you’ve crossed the line into mindless scrolling, put your phone away with intention – especially before bed.

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Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone’s apps, try these five alternatives:

Be entertaining.

After a long day, you can unwind by playing a board game or putting together a puzzle. According to studies, activities like puzzle solving or colouring (yes, there are fantastic adult colouring books) can improve your mood and memory.

Put your phone away in another room before bed and spend some time doing fun activities.

Reading material

Allow yourself the luxury of immersing yourself in a new book. Immersing yourself in a story and feeling the magic of the pages between your fingers is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

There are numerous reading lists available to keep you busy, and the best part? Choose at your leisure; there are no restrictions! The possibilities are endless, whether it’s a love story, a mystery, or a memoir.

Start a book club with a group of friends, as Reese Witherspoon did, or set a monthly reading goal of one book.

Maintain a journal.

Say hello to the most effective form of therapy imaginable: a pen on paper. Making the time and space to write down your thoughts is like receiving a magical drop of mental clarity in your life.

The wonderful thing about journal writing is that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it.
Allow your pen to flow without overthinking it; whatever comes out the other end is valid because it is yours.

It is entirely up to you to decide what you want to convey in writing. It could be emotions that need to be released, details from your day, a small reminder that you don’t want to forget, or simply an acknowledgement of something or someone for which you are grateful.

Journaling can help you unwind and prepare for the day ahead.

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Make use of your voice.

Why not try something else if writing isn’t your thing? Instead of sitting on the couch next to your partner or roommate and silently scrolling, put your phones away and engage in a conversation.

You don’t have to solve all of the world’s problems before going to bed, but talking to each other before curling up under the covers is a blessed way to end the day.

Furthermore, letting go of your thoughts can reduce stress and improve your night’s sleep. Simply pick up the phone and call Mom or your best friend if you live alone. Participate in these discussions!

Connecting with others is essential medicine; don’t let your phone rob you of that time. These conversation cards are an entertaining way to communicate with family, friends, or your significant other.

Turn up the volume.

While we enjoy listening to podcasts and music in the car, they can also be enjoyed outside the car. Put on your headphones and listen to a podcast while folding laundry or going for a walk.

If you’re in the mood to listen to your favourite album or treat yourself to a new release, allow the music to make you dance while you cook dinner.

You’ll figure out what works best for you, but listening is a better option than aimlessly scrolling through your phone.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone, take some time to meditate, get up to eat, or unwind with soothing music and a healthy snack.

Put your phone away an hour or two before bedtime and read a good book instead of checking your email late at night.

Learn to disconnect your thoughts and yourself from your phone. You can do it! No more scrolling, please!

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