Our backyards are getting smaller and homes getting taller with many 2 story homes being built on smaller blocks.

When you have built the ideal outdoor entertainment area and deck for your home. You want it to be a place of privacy to escape and get some chill-time on the deck, or entertain a few friends on a balmy summer night.

Decks are also a great place for children to play so adding privacy plus protection from the sun and weather is important as well and you can do this by building a deck roof and adding some screens.

Creating a private area where you can sit and enjoy your garden is important.

The last thing you want to be worrying about is what your neighbours will be able to see and what they will hear. Privacy screens are the perfect solution to block out views and also to help noise from traveling.

Screens come in all heights, materials and finishes , they are no longer the dated lattice add ons that were placed on top of fences in the 80’s and 90’s
They are attractive and long lasting and more importantly come in a range of styles and forms that you can decide what is going to suit your home and your budget. Another option to add in is that plants can also be used to create screens as well.
privacy screens

Privacy In Your Back Yard

Your free time and personal space is becoming a precious commodity, so your garden garden needs to be on lifestyle and not high maintenance chores that need to be done every weekend.

Your backyard can be transformed by clever design elements like partition screen-walls, boundary walls and fencing that not only look great but are practical in securing your yard as well and they can extend the design to include a gate.

Screening and decorative panels are one thing that can instantly transform a yard and building.

By using a screen feature wall you can hide the ugly fence (without a complete rebuild or neighbourly dispute), you can extend the height up to a level where you will have real privacy from peering eyes and you can cover up eyesores within your own yard.
If you have a shed, clothes line, rubbish bins or a pool pump – A well placed screen will block them from your view while you sit outside.
Seriously who wants to be sitting outside on the deck and looking at a clothesline


Well built and attractive panels will also help you to use every inch of available yard, and you can push the deck right up to the boundary or border it with a narrow planter.

This way you can have the presence of plants and greenery and keep it  low-maintenance and it not take over your deck area or lawn areas.

What Sort Of Privacy Screen?

There are many different options and you can use different styles or partitions.
You can install them in different areas of your garden and as part of your homes exterior

You can even use plants as a green screen and this can be a brilliant combination of screen plants as well as screen partitions.  Plants to consider are clumping bamboo or a quick growing lilly pilly.
Plants will take a couple of years to establish before they can be a screen.


Slatted Screens

Slatted Screens create a feeling of privacy and minimise the view from neighbouring homes

A slatted aluminium privacy screen allows in filtered light and more importantly it still allows for airflow. Plus they also work well to create boundary fences and can be used easily to create a great modern looking yard. When using aluminum screens, you will have a long lasting screen that does not need to be painted. It will look great for years.

The slats can be horizontal, vertical or even a modern take on a lattice with having them run diagonally.


Aluminum shutters or Louvers

These can be powder coated to match in with existing exterior colours such as gutters, down pipes or garage doors. This style is are also weather proof and allow you to control of the sun, wind and view depending on the day or your mood.

Being highly durable, they don’t require painting,  are low maintenance, resistant to termites, cracking and warping and they look fantastic! They can add a modern element but they also add a character feature that suits coastal homes and period homes

Louvres are a great option for apartment balconies, where privacy is needed.
Plus they provide excellent permanent sun, glare or heat control.
Louvre blades can be powder coated in a large range of colour of your choice, and they can run vertically, horizontally or overhead.
The slats can be free moving so you can control the amount of light coming in. You can also fixed them into a permanent position and these work well when privacy is needed at all times.

These can add a real architectural feel to a pergola and they can also be used on an existing balcony or porch and connect your outdoor areas together.

Laser-Cut Metal Panel Screens

Decorative screens make an impressive impact as a feature screen but are also super practical.
Not only do they look great as part of a the outdoor space in a garden design.
Panels work perfectly to enclose a patio or pergola side area.
They can also be free standing in the garden to create smaller screen walls and can be an artistic touch around a spa . Against a wall, they also look as a wall art piece.

Installing Laser Cut Decorative Privacy Screens can ensure your home remains your castle.
Installing a panel screen project shouldn’t be about blocking out nature and natural light altogether.
There is a wide range of designs that give you choices about what look you want to embrace for your home:

  • Open and breezy,
  • Warm and cosy,
  • Sheltered and shady

All while maintaining a range of privacy with decorative screening for you and your family.

Freestanding Partitions

All screens can work in a free standing set up and they add a real design element to a garden.

We do it in our homes and working spaces and  we can do the same within a garden or yard.
The partitions can be solid panels or slats. They do block views into the yard but you do not feel fenced in. They also help to block the eyesores like rubbish bins, pool equipment and air con units.

It is easy to add a privacy screen when building a patio, pergola or new deck area

Contact your Brisbane deck builder for advice in setting up your deck with the best privacy options.


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