Beaphar Cat Worming Granules

Want to save money on cat worming tablets? worming isn’t a fun process, but our range of top brand cat worming tablets, granules, liquids and pastes can make life easier and less expensive.

You’ll find discounts on big brand cat wormers from Drontal, Panacur and droncit, saving you up to 65% on vet and high street prices. Even better, your order is delivered straight to your door, with our 5-star service rating as standard. Take the stress out of cat worming by shopping with us today.

Beaphar, Drontal and Panacur cat wormers are chemically based products but have been carefully researched and formulated to be safe for your pet. However, if you would prefer to take a more natural approach to worming then we can help there too. Verm-x provides a natural alternative to chemical worming in the form of palatable treats. These must be fed to your cat every day but will promote year-round intestinal health.

Johnson’s One Dose Wormer for Cats

We stock a great range of cat wormers from our most popular brands of wormers for cats. Panacur for cats are available in granules, paste or liquid and these may be mixed with their food. Drontal for cats is available in tablets at a dose of one per 4kg cat or in xl for cats over 6kg.

Johnsons one dose wormer contains two tablets. It is a one-dose treatment and will kill tapeworms and roundworms in cats and kittens. Tapeworms can be caught from fleas which can carry the larval stages of the tapeworm which can be ingested by your pet when he grooms himself. Tapeworm infestation will reoccur unless control of intermediate hosts such as fleas, mice, etc. Is undertaken. Your cat can be infected by roundworms if he eats mice or other small animals that are carrying young worms (larvae). Kittens can become infected through the mother’s milk. They can also be transmitted to humans, especially young children.

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Drontal Cat Worming Tablets

Please note that due to regulatory law and the legal category of this medicine, returns will not be accepted. There are about 8 different types of intestinal worm that can infect cats in the UK, and it is not always easy to spot the symptoms. Drontal cat tablets will kill every type of intestinal worm your cat is ever likely to get and will do so with a single dose, and without having to starve your cat first.

To avoid worms reaching maturity and affecting your pet’s health, and to reduce public health risks, you should worm your pet regularly. Worming at least every three months with Drontal will reduce this risk, but ask your vet who will be able to evaluate your pet’s health and your family’s requirements and advise you on a specific worming routine for your pet. Don’t forget the flea control! fleas are often infected with the larvae of the flea tapeworm, which can be transferred to your cat by swallowing the flea while grooming. So in order to control worms, you also need to control fleas. A spot-on treatment is the easiest way to protect your cat but you may also need one that kills flea larvae in your pet’s surroundings, to effectively break the flea lifecycle.

Dronspot Cat Worming Treatment

It is recommended that you worm your cat on a regular basis to keep them healthy. Worm accumulation in the body can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Some worms like the Toxocara can also be transmitted to children. For effective treatment against all common roundworm and tapeworm found in the UK, we recommend term worm. For cats that refuse a tablet, Panacur granules can be added to food. Panacur granules can also be given to pregnant cats and dogs, helping to reduce the number of prenatal infections by roundworms. Alternatively, you can try dronspot which is applied to the back of the neck.

Cats are particularly susceptible to tapeworm and roundworm. These worms can cause your cat to lose weight, feel lethargic and have a change in bowel habits. As a cat owner, you should look out for signs of worms so that you can treat the problem as quickly as possible. If your cat is eating a normal diet but still losing weight, or has a particularly bloated stomach than they may have picked up some worms. Another symptom is fur that has lost its shine and become coarse. Your cat may also suffer from diarrhoea. It may not be straightforward to check for worms if your cat does not have a litter tray, but if your cat’s faeces are visible to you, then you may be able to spot worms within their stool.

Drontal Cat XL Worming Tablets

Drontal Cat is a worming treatment that kills common types of intestinal worms that are found in cats in the UK – roundworms and tapeworms (Toxocara cati, toxascaris leonina, dipylidium caninum, taenia taeniaeformis). A single Drontal cat tablet will dose up to 4kg in body weight. Each Drontal cat tablet contains 230 mg pyrantel embonate, 20 mg praziquantel and 1. 8 mg titanium dioxide. Drontal cat tablets are a ‘white to yellowish’, scored, coated tablet which can be divided into equal halves to dose 2kgs.

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Drontal cat xl film-coated worming tablet works with a single dose and kills all the common intestinal worms found in cats in the UK. For the treatment of gastrointestinal roundworms and tapeworms of cats. Please note: we can only legally dispense one y.

Droncit Spot On Wormer for Cats

The two types of worms which most commonly affect cats are tapeworms and roundworms. You should worm your cat every 3 months as wormers are a reactive medicine and will only kill worms, eggs and larvae which are actually present, they do not prevent new infestations. Cat’s who like to bring back little presents in the from the fields are especially at risk from worms – so keeping on top of regular treatment is key. Browse the best wormers for cats including palatable tablets, spot-on wormers such as dronspot and pastes/liquids.

Panacur Worming Paste for Cats & Dogs

If you have a puppy or kitten then the Panacur liquid suspension, or Drontal puppy,  is suitable because it doses at very low body weights, and is effective against protozoa giardia. Spp. For pregnant bitches then either the Panacur granules or favourites are suitable. For lactating and pregnant females do not use the Panacur paste. Drontal can be used in lactating bitches only. For adult dogs and cats then we would recommend rotating the Drontal and Panacur products on an annual basis. The strong paste is also suitable for dogs.

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Bob Martin Dewormer for Cats & Kittens

Bob martin clear spot on wormer cats & kittens
bob martin spot-on dewormer makes giving your cat a worming treatment easy. As it is a spot-on treatment, it is put onto the back of the neck, eliminating the battle of feeding your cat a
save 5% on your first repeat order!
£8. 99.

Which worming products to use?

Browse control or prevention products that suit your cat’s lifestyle depending on your pet’s activities.

Shop the best flea and tick medicine brands and check out MedicAnimal’s worming selection and household treatment for cat fleas for products to protect the whole family.

There are many different worming products available on the market, and drug availability varies between different countries. While worming products may be available from pet shops and even some supermarkets, these are often old or less effective products and some are even less safe to use in cats.

Cat Flea Treatment & Worming Tablets

There are many different worming products available for cats (including tablets, liquids,
pastes and spot-on treatments).

The best one for your cat will depend on their temperament and lifestyle.

Choosing the right cat worming treatments for your cat is simple, with a range of liquid cat wormer, worming tablets for cats and homoeopathic worming treatments to help you find the best deworming solution for your feline. Worming your cat regularly is essential; even indoor cats can pick up tapeworms passed on by fleas, so if they do get into the house your cat will be vulnerable to worms even if they like to keep their paws home and dry! worms can be nasty critters, and cause weight loss and much more serious health problems if left untreated,
so finding easy treatment methods to make this part of a routine is the best option for cat worming treatments. The range of dewormer for cats includes leading brands beaphar and homoeopath, and wormers for the smallest kittens to the biggest of lions! worming syrup is a liquid cat wormer and a great option for small kittens or those clever cats that seem to always eat their way around their worming tablets! with a delicious chocolate syrup flavour, liquid cat wormer can be administered to whole litters of kittens for a fast and effective worming treatment.

Bob Martin Clear Cat Wormer Spot on for Cat & Kitten over 1kg Worming Treatment

Bob martin clear spot on wormer cats & kittens. Bob martin spot-on dewormer makes giving your cat a worming treatment easy.


A UK authorised veterinary medication for the treatment of common UK roundworms and tapeworms, beaphar multi wormer tablets are suitable for all cats and kittens over 6 months of age, with each pack containing sufficient treatment to treat a 5kg cat over the three weeks required course. Traditional three-week treatment for roundworm and tapeworm infestations in cats, beaphar multi wormer tablets contain two different types of tablet, formulated with effective active ingredients.

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