Having a healthy and strong immune system has always been important to keep well, and, rarely more so than today. For over three thousand years acupuncture has been one of the tools used in China to help fight off disease and poor health.

Immune weakness is certainly a common concern in the modern world, as cancer, aids, autoimmune disease (multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, etc. ), and pandemics such as the Covid 19 constitute major health hazards for the global population.

Although western medicine can be miraculous in its ability to save lives, it is particularly weak in its repertoire of natural agents to improve immunity and balance one’s physiology.

The earliest known Chinese medical text, which dates back to 249 bc, compares administering medicine for diseases that have already developed to digging a well after becoming very thirsty, or making weapons after already having engaged in battle.

Using Acupuncture To Treat Illness

Though able to treat illness, Chinese medicine emphasizes the importance of maintaining and promoting health by keeping body, mind and the lifestyle in balance.

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine use acupuncture, moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, diet, exercise and relaxation practices, such as meditation, to stimulate changes that keep our bodies in balance. This approach aims to achieve a higher level of functioning of the body rather than solely attacking the disease process. Modern scientific research has proven acupuncture and Chinese medicine to be extremely effective in promoting health.

Modern Research On Acupuncture’s Effect On Immune Function

Recent studies in Japan and Spain looked at the various effects of acupuncture on immunological functions studied acupuncture’s effect on immune function in human blood, including the activities of macrophages, neutrophils, natural killer cells, and lymphocytes, immunoglobulin production, and complement systems.

The research showed how acupuncture treatment stimulated the most immune function for at least 72 hours after a single session, with the effects persisting for about one month after the end of the completed treatment. Acupuncture treatment can help the patient’s body regulate immune function while treating the underlying cause of the immune function issues. Acupuncture can reduce symptoms and speed up the healing process in the body. Acupuncture works by stimulating specific acupoints through the autonomic nervous system, causing the immune system to respond with a rise in levels of messenger hormones.

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