So, what types of bath taps could you choose for a bathroom? You might be surprised to hear that there are actually more types of bathroom taps than there are kitchen taps. Below we have broken down the different variations so you’ll know which are most suitable for you. Read this article for all you need to know to become your own bathroom designer!

Choosing from MultipleTypes Of Bath Tap

All types of bathroom taps are available in contemporary or traditional designs just like kitchen taps. But, that’s where bathrooms become more varied because the stylish and luxurious Victorian roll-top baths not only stand next to walls. The ultimate is to locate the bath as a central feature away from the walls. Hence, the need for a new type of bath tap arrangement known as “free-standing” bath taps, where these are bolted down to the floor beside the bathtub.

Pillar bathroom taps or pillar tap pairs have been around forever, They are most often associated with more traditional bathroom design – you might have even had a pair of these beauties in your childhood home! There’s no denying they are a style classic. What’s more, they’re now available in more modern styles if you’re after more contemporary types of the bathroom tap.

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When designing a bathroom start with the choice of bath style as your first decision. Match the style of your sink WC and water cistern to match. Now that you’ve decided upon the main elements of your new bathroom, it’s time to start thinking about the smaller details.

Bathroom taps may seem like a very uninteresting standard feature for a bathroom when you start. But, think again! There are so many types of bath taps and basin taps out there nowadays to choose from that it is worth looking at them all. The ease with which you can use them does vary, and bath taps do now come with thermostatic temperature control as well if you decide to use them.

After all, to comply with the COVID-19 requirements it is incumbent on us all to take great care to observe a very high standard of hygiene. Hand washing is almost mandatory at every bathroom visit. So, you will be touching and using the taps each and every time you visit the room.

Types of Bath Taps

There are so many types of basin taps and bath taps out there to choose from!

Numerous types of water tap may be seen in homes:

  • Rising spindle tap – this is the traditional design featuring a spindle and washer that can move up and down when the handle is turned. Bib taps are an example and are typically fixed to say, an external wall for watering purposes. They may also be the main stop-cock (tap) that regulates water flow into the dwelling.
  • Non-rising head taps – feature a non-revolving spindle with a handle which traditionally has been made of clear plastic.
  • Ceramic disc taps – have precision-ground, rotating ceramic discs in place of a washer.
  • Pillar taps – in the kitchen or bathroom, the tap is mounted on the end of a stub post; there may be one for hot water and another for cold water.
  • Mixer taps – seen in the kitchen and bathroom, these have become very popular in recent years. They can mix the water, i.e combine the hot and cold water flows out through a common spout to provide water at the required temperature. Mixer taps can be operated by a single lever which regulates both the flow and the temperature, according to the position it is set to. Or they can have two separate hot and cold taps that convey the water through a common spout.

For types of bath taps the list is fewer, but here is a list of just a few:

  • pillar
  • mixer,
  • wall-mounted,
  • monoblocs
  • freestanding…

OK. It sounds complicated. But, don’t be concerned. We are here to guide you through the pros and cons of the different types of bath taps so that you can make an informed choice for your home.

Pillar taps are the original type of simple hot and cold taps that stand up as “pillars” and are mounted on a horizontal surface over holes provided in the bathtub, sink or basin. They have a wheel type handle which rotates. Older versions require multiple turning to operate, where more recent versions frequently need no more than one 360° turn from fully closed to fully open. This style of tap is very traditional and made for both baths and basins. with pillar taps, a pair of taps draws from both the hot and cold water pipes, sending each flow to a different faucet: one for hot water and one for cold water.

Mono basin mixers or monobloc mixers are the most common type of tap used for baths and bathroom sinks right now. They mount using just a single tap hole and mix water inside the tap bodies. These types of taps are controlled using either a single or twin levers, allowing optimal control over the temperature and flow of the water coming out the spout.

These divine bathroom taps are ideal for the modern design lover due to their straying away from the traditional basin mounted taps; although, like all good types of bathroom taps, wall mounted taps are available in both modern and traditional styles. A great benefit to wall-mounted taps is the hassle-free maintenance of your basin and bath. By that, we mean that wall mounting avoids the need to regularly clean calcium build up around the pillars of each tap where it can be hard to get to. Instead, all that is needed is an unobstructed wipe across the “drip zone”.

Selecting from the Bath Taps on the Market

On the tap or faucet (US) market, you can choose from a wide range of configurations, styles, finishes and technical characteristics. These all to be taken into consideration in order to select one from all the types of bath taps that reflects your personal taste. While, at the same time, we expect each model to offer a high level of performance and a long drip-free life in service.

The second most common type of bathtub taps and fittings after the pillar type is the wall-mounted one, which is presented with a single lever mixer.

Floor Mounted Freestanding Bath Taps

The most recent contemporary development in the world of bathroom taps are floor-mounted models, also sometimes referred to as “deck mounted”. These bolt down to the floor beside the bath which they supply.

The stylistic contrast with the previous design styles has been in featuring exposed pipes and plumbing. Offering excellent versatility, freestanding types of bath taps can accompany any freestanding bathtubs or other styles situated anywhere within the bathroom, provided the plumbing can be directed to that specific space.

Floor taps are mounted directly to a floor rather than the bath itself. They have a long body to span the gap. They have a stylish contemporary look but take a lot of planning to get the plumbing to the correct spot on the floor.

Again, as for wall-mounted taps, there is the advantage of hassle-free maintaining of your basin and bath beneath them. There are no deck mounted taps for you to awkwardly attempt to clean around, so you can keep your decks as clutter-free and clean as you please. Of course, whilst there are no tap holes in the tub itself to hinder your innovative design ideas, the floor-mounted concept is not without its own disadvantages.

It is important to note that you’ll need to place these taps somewhere very close to your basin or bath. No matter where they are placed relative to the bath sides, there will always be a tendency for the bather to drip water from their hands while operating the taps while bathing. This will entail cleaning the floor from those drips and the rising pipes and brackets of the floor-mounted assembly. In the bathroom, limescale often gathers on taps and showerheads. Sometimes, there might be slight leaks from the mechanism of the tap that water is seeping through. This can easily lead to the buildup of nasty deposits. If this is happening, before you apply vinegar to remove the deposit, make sure the tap is fully repaired.

Pillar “Deck” Mounted Types

The pillar style mounted on the “deck” around the edge of the bath, traditionally most often teamed with bathroom sinks or basins, by comparison, may not seem so bad after all!

Tap holes drilled into the rim of the basin or bathtub provide the foundation for the attachment of deck-mounted types of bath taps. That deck mounted bathroom tap designs represent some of the very most popular models on the market is unsurprising. They work well, and for the plumber who fits them, they deliver the easiest possible access for pipes and plumbing to convey water to the bathtub or basin. This in turn keeps their bathroom installation cost down.

Usually, the type of bath taps you choose will be closely related to the style of bath you opt for in your bathroom. For instance, there are some bath styles, such as bateau baths, which don’t arrive with the needed tap holes and can’t be drilled into, so that removes the option for deck mounted taps.

Wall Mounted Bath Taps

Wall-mounted taps can offer a striking contemporary feel to a bath with no tap holes. By nature, their fuss-free design will hide the majority of the pipework behind your walls. This can give your bathroom a sleek minimalist, ultra-modern look. There are even designs which hark back to the traditional Victorian or Edwardian period and can look really very ornate and even gothic. They can be complete with hot and cold spouts that flare out like gargoyles. These can add a dash of vintage to the look of your bathroom.

Wall-mounted bathroom taps are also popular for their inherent space-saving design. Wall taps are designed in the exact way you’d expect, emerging from the wall to hang above a sink or bathtub. They usually have a single handle and a spout with a cover plate. However, should the pipework ever spring a leak, they are a bit more difficult to maintain. This is because everything is in the wall and the wall-plate would need to be removed to access the pipes behind.

2 Hole Bath Taps

These are used when baths or basin have two holes, one for a hot tap and the other for cold. They’re most suitable for properties where water pressure is low and usually come with a number of different handle styles like cross-head, levers or knobs. Pillar taps aren’t a great choice for those with hand mobility problems.

Mono mixer taps are relatively self-explanatory once you’ve deciphered their fancy name. Mono, meaning one singular tap; and mixer, meaning a tap that mixes both your hot and cold water flow into one steady stream. These are the most common form of bathroom sink taps today and are available in a huge variety of styles and colours.

Pillar taps are common in Ireland but are rapidly being replaced by mixer taps. They are typically mounted on basins/baths with two mounting holes, one for the hot and cold feed. One tap for the hot and the cold and typically they use rubber stop valves.

Pairs of Bath Taps

These wonderful tap pairs give you excellent control when achieving your desired water temperature thanks to the individual hot and cold handle design. This can be a really handy feature when you’re running a bath for those more heat-sensitive little ones, or even for your furry friends too. Remember that choosing the right taps for your bathroom is almost as important as choosing the right bath.

Bath Taps Buying Guides

A number of the best tap (faucet) manufacturers provide a section in their brochures which are described as being buying guides. These are designed to assist you in explaining what you need to know about bathroom taps to enable you to make the correct choices before buying. They will also help you understand some of the terminology used in the plumbing industry. If you are unsure or need any assistance search for a supplier catalogue which contains a buying guide section. If you don’t know your basin mixer from your bath filler, this is the reading for you!

For example, a buying guide will explain that a roll-top bath or contemporary freestanding bath needs a freestanding tap, fitted to the floor via standpipes. This type of tap can also feature handheld shower attachments for added convenience. Handy hint: for a more in-depth look at these types of bath taps, check out a freestanding taps buying guide!

Now you have the know-how, why not get on with the fun part: choosing your bath taps! One place to look for bathroom design ideas is in the home interior ideas provided by “Victoria Plumbers”.

Co-ordinate with the Other Bathroom Furniture

When choosing your dream bathroom sink taps, there are often other elements to consider aside from the obvious cosmetic desires we all have. For example: what kind of basin you have. If you’ve opted for a truly sublime countertop basin, many standard types of basin taps simply won’t reach the correct height for a perfect water flow; this is where tall basin taps come in! high rise mixer taps are striking in appearance and perfect for any taller, exquisite countertop basins you may have.

Whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on sites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Aliexpress. They literally have thousands of great bathroom products. Whether you’re looking for high-end labels or cheap, economy bulk purchases those are the places to look.

Fitting a bath tap

Due to basins normally having only one or two tap holes, maybe we are stating the obvious, but whichever of these alternatives you get, the number of holes must correspond. You would be surprised how often people buy single holed sinks to fit two-holed tap sets and vice versa! Normally mixer taps feature one spout with two separate controls for hot and cold water. They can be used for deck mounting on a bath or for fitting to a worktop by your sink.

While big items are obviously important to overhauling a bathroom, the minor items should never be neglected. The appeal of a room can be defined by the finer details rather than the big and expensive fittings like showers and baths. That’s why items, such as bathroom taps, shouldn’t be a second thought.

Conventionally, taps were always attached on basins with built-in tap holes, which in fact, is still the base for many styles even today. However, as we have previously stated, but don’t mind repeating here, many contemporary designs have developed over the years, from freestanding to wall-mounted taps, that offer sleek styling for a clean organised look.

Wall-mounted bath taps

For a futuristic look that combines elegance with practicality, then look no further than a freestanding tap. Ideally suited to freestanding bathtubs, their towering stature elevates them above your basin and can even come in a combination format, integrating a handy shower handset. From wall-mounted and freestanding, to waterfall and minimalist bath fillers, there’s a wide range of bath taps to suit any style.

Basin and Bath Tap Brands

Extensive ranges of all types of bath taps are on offer. The best designs will always complement your basin, bath or bidet.

The brand names of some leading brands include:

  • Hansgrohe,
  • Axor,
  • Lefroy Brooks,
  • Crosswater,
  • Cera,
  • Hindware,
  • Kohler and Grohe
  • Vado and,
  • many more.

Keep an eye out when you’re buying your taps that you’re definitely looking at the right ones. Often, you can get your hands on a matching set of basin and bath taps, or even a pair bundled together. But if you’re seeking them separately, you want to make sure you get both a specific bath and basin tap as they’re not a one-size-fits-all deal.

Have you ever noticed the bottle trap that sits right under the sink or basin? We all tend to see and choose the most beautiful basins and taps for our bathrooms but never notice that bottle trap. These are a basin accessory that does so much more than just making the bathroom look great.

Single Hole Pillar Lever Taps

Single Hole Pillar Mixer Tap

More modern types have levers instead of the rotational valves seen here.

Pillar lever taps of this type have separate hot and cold taps which are in turn controlled using individual levers with both attached to a single column. The hot and cold flow pipes rise in the column and the flow is controlled by the levers. The final temperature is achieved by mixing both supplies in your sink or bath. Bath mixers and bath shower mixers generally use two tap holes for installation.

They’re ideal if you already happen to have one pre-drilled tap hole, or even if you’re simply a fan of classy minimalist aesthetics. Mono basin mixer taps certainly won’t disappoint.

Single tap holes drilled into the rim of the basin or bathtub provide the foundation for the attachment of these deck mounted taps. Those investing in deck mounted taps can elect to make a choice, depending on the available space, bathtub or sink style, and their personal preference.

I’m in a low water pressure area what are my options?

Living in a home with low water pressure doesn’t mean you have to buy bottom-of-the-line taps. Low water pressure taps can look just as sleek and modern as high water pressure taps. In fact, there are many different options to choose from. Here’s a quick list of some of the best bathroom taps for homes with low water pressure.

Selecting the perfect bathroom taps is as personal to some as choosing your next car. They’re a practical, reliable, and consistent element of your daily life that’s going to be in your home for a considerable amount of time. So how do you make sure you make the right decision? it’s simple: weigh up all of your options!.

As with much of the general home improvement landscape in 2020, and pertaining to bathrooms especially, stylish bathroom tap options are bountiful. So much so, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search for the perfect bathroom tap upgrade. That said, we’ve decided to conduct an exploration of the many different types of bathroom taps on the market, with key discussion surrounding the main advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Bathroom Design Summary

Choose one feature that will give your bathroom a standout, deluxe feel.

This might be a freestanding bath. Take a look at the best rolltop baths for traditional homes. Or possibly you will just splash out on some really fancy taps.

Use them on a statement wall with an affordable complementary tile elsewhere and you can have a low-cost way to smarten the whole bathroom up.

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