Faqs About Catnip Products

What kind of merchandise should I get?

The entire leaf.

Faqs About Catnip Products: Use a full leaf for maximum freshness retention over time. Because the leaves were not crushed, the vital components remained contained inside the leaf material, just as Mother Nature intended. They will remain until you or your cat crush and remove the leaf. Nevertheless, dried catnip leaves are fragile, so some smashed debris is unavoidable even in a product containing entire leaves. This is OK since the leaves have been softly crushed rather than crushed. The deliciousness is still waiting for you.
The primary drawback of utilizing entire leaves is that they are light and airy. It takes up a lot more space, so the volume seems large, but when crushed, it’s not. This indicates that the container must be robust enough to keep the leaves intact and not crushed during transportation. It has a lengthy shelf life since the leaf contains the components.

catnip products
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Catnip leaf that has been partially crushed.

A complete leaf that has been softly crushed. The valuable active components are trapped, but not the entire leaf, because the leaf is still in large chunks.

This is generally the finest thing to use while making tea. It has the advantage of taking up much less area than a full leaf. The leaf should be preserved in moderately big pieces and in a container that avoids crushing.

Because the pieces are so big, the active ingredients remain encapsulated and as much flavor as possible is retained.

It also enables you to examine the material to ensure that it comprises high-quality leaves rather than stems.

Because the active ingredients are contained inside the leaf, it has a rather long shelf life.

Catnip, crushed or powdered.

This is powdered catnip that has been carefully crushed. It has the lowest shelf life since the active components are freed from the leaves and quickly evaporate.

It is also hard to judge the quality of the substance because it is a powder, and you cannot see what it is constituted of.

This product is appropriate for individuals who know that the material will change fast, will be devoured quickly by humans or cats, or seek to mix it with something else, such as “catnip toys,” and so on.

What exactly does stem mean?

This is a reference to the plant’s stem. This is not a reference to the leaf stalk. It is considerably easier to identify the pieces when you buy a product that allows you to see the plant components rather than crushed powder.

Stems are typically slightly woody and can be discovered as woody fragments in crushed material. Petioles seem like little, thin sticks.

It is unlikely that a product would be free of petioles because they are difficult to remove. After all, they are a component of the leaf.

Don’t be put off by the little stems, and look for woody components in shredded catnip.

Is the catnip clean?

Most catnip farmers do not wash their goods. They collect it and dry it in the fields. Insects, bird droppings, and other unpleasant objects may be present in the material.

This is inescapable on any farm where plants are grown outside, and there is nothing anyone can do about them other than remove them before they reach you.

Floral Encounters gets rid of all of our catnip. The leaves are plucked from the stems, washed, spun dry, and carefully dried to ensure that the maximum amount of active components are kept in a clean, washed product.


So, what exactly is in the catnip you buy?

Catnip should be harvested in late stage 1 or 2 while the leaves are still young, delicate, and rich in nepetalactone.

Only when the stems are young and fat can they seem attractive. This happens when the plants’ first shoots or the upper stem sections develop and flower.

The stem is thus nothing more than dead wood, which is undesirable in any product, but rather a “filler” that bulks up or “prunes” the otherwise good product.

It’s difficult to know what you get when buying powdered catnip. This product generally comprises material collected at the end of stage 2 or 3.

This is because the farmer receives the most quantity at that time. If they have more items, they may make more money. The issue is one of poor quality.

Machines harvest the bulk of commercial catnip. The stems are chopped and then shredded, similar to how a combine operates.

The plant material is crushed and sieved after drying to eliminate any major pieces.

After drying and pulverizing the material, the stems are fully blended and cannot be seen separately.

Seeing how many stems you buy is more spartan if the material is not pulverized. As a result, whether you choose a product including entire leaves, catnip tips, or anything else, you can be selective and know exactly what you’re getting.

Should I purchase organic?

Organic is concerned about the environment. It has nothing to do with pesticides; it all comes down to dirt. The farmer is in charge of the soil.

This implies that it should be rich in organic material and that the plants should be fertilized with organic fertilizer.

This leads in plants that are inherently more robust, healthier, and have considerably more flavor than normally farmed plants. Organic veggies are recommended.

Should pesticides be used on plants?

YES! All of the plant stuff we eat should be, but it isn’t. Pesticides can be found in organic crops as well.

Organic farms use the same pesticides as conventional farms, but the chemicals differ. Yet, this does not mean they are less harmful! So, simply because something is organic, it hasn’t been sprayed.

Nothing should be sprayed on herbs. We recommend seeking organic herbs as well as those that state that the catnip, and preferably the entire farm, has not been chemically treated. This is the most effective and secure method of protecting humans and pets.

Floral Encounters’ goods are NEVER treated with chemicals. Any sickly or insect-infested plants you detect will be removed. As a result, we have fewer harvests but a safer and healthier product for you.

How is catnip gathered?

Most farms gather catnip with machines and then process it with additional technology. This implies that it is simple and quick to finish. Yet, it also suggests that a large number of undesirable, low-quality materials may wind up in the mix.

Farmers that harvest and prepare their catnip by hand, filtering out all of the poor quality leaves, removing the stems, and leaving only good quality whole leaves, will provide you with a far better, higher quality product.

To assure the highest quality, Floral Encounter harvests and prepares all of our catnip by hand.

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