Delighted blogger holds money after learning How to make money writing blogs.

I make money writing blogs while enjoying my passion subject as a hobby, and I honestly can’t think of a better, more fulfilling, and enjoyable way to spend a part of my free time. Read on and I’ll explain how you can do it too.

Why You Should Make Money Writing Blogs

Did you ever consider starting your own blog to make more money from writing on your blogs? If not, you really should, because by tapping into the blogging scene, you can easily increase the profitability of your website. Just right now is a great deal of hype and talk about blogs, but when one strips them down and looks at them clearly, they discover that a blog is nothing more than a web site. In essence, a blog is a website featuring an easy to use content management system that allows for quick updating in chronological order. The roots of blogging trace back to online journaling and community-building efforts, but approached from a business perspective, blogs are uniquely positioned to make you money.

On the other hand, if you think of how when you have a hobby, many people spend much of their leisure time, reading and thinking about it when not actually doing it, and can enjoyably give that a purpose by blogging about it! So, I could write this article solely from the point of view of this being a commercial venture. However, do bear in mind that for your blog to be successful you will need to apply consistently your energy and interest in the subject. That being the case, do remember that the number one point to bear in mind is that you will need to base your blog on something you have a real interest in and commitment to. Otherwise, by human nature, if you are solely motivated by the idea of profit, it’s unlikely you will succeed.

So, in today’s blog post, I will tackle the topic of different ways to make money writing blogs. If you know what your options are for making a sizable income from your blog, it will be that much easier to plan your content. Because really, a money-making blog is just a money-making machine. It’s science! you need to create a system that allows for money to come in. Without this system, you can blog as much as you want and you won’t see a dime at the end of the day!.

Having your own Facebook group with which you share every blog posting is a great way to grow a tribe of followers. These are the people that will invest in you and eventually buy what you recommend. How do you get started with making money using Facebook groups? It’s simple and free. You create a community that is for your audience. From what you name your group to what daily posts you create, your group will grow gradually to be authentic and wanting to learn from you. If you position yourself as the authority in your niche, (don’t worry because after a while you will be!) then your audience will pay attention to you and buy from you. For example, you could create a Facebook group for Mom bloggers to whom to share your expertise in blogging and digital marketing.

Learn Exactly How You Can Start A Blog To Make Money Writing Blogs

Learn how to create a blog in about 20 minutes following these steps:

  • Pick a blog subject and name
  • Get your blog online by registering your blog domain and opening a hosting account (such as our EZi-Gold hosting!).
  • Customize your blog, by choosing a free template and tweaking it.
  • Write and publish your first post.
  • Now the fun part is simply to regularly write about your interest/ hobby/ or passion!
  • You can also promote your blog, and use some of the many ways to get more people to read your blog.
  • After a while, you will start to make money blogging. Choose from several options to monetize your blog.
  • Let’s start your blog! (Hint: We provide some of the very best hosting services you can find anywhere, right here at EZi-Gold Hosting!)

Blogging is a long, on-going journey, but only by taking the first step will you ever get to see where this road can take you. Still haven’t started your blog? Click on the EZi-Gold hosting Plan option you prefer here to get started. Of course, there is still much more to learn about blogging once you get started, but the important step is to start. You can continue to read more tips and tricks on this blog or check out some of David WhiteGold Edwards’s tutorials including his guide on how to build a brand.

One of the most popular questions in blogging is how to make money from blogging.

How to make money writing blogs by selling things your readers want!The questions “how to make money writing blogs” or “how to monetize a blog” might be disturbing you because starting a blog and making real money with it are two different things. This is my favorite topic as I have tried numerous methods to monetize my blog in the last 3 years (including micro-jobs ) and got good success with some of them.

Monetization methods such as selling products as an affiliate, and allowing guest posting on your blog for a payment per article, have become incredibly popular over the last few years. As a result, there are many bloggers out there making a ton of money sharing their knowledge online, while people simply come to them and ask for product promotion as an affiliate, and offer their articles for publication for a payment.

Another perfect way to make money writing blogs is online course creation. We can say from experience that creating courses isn’t a walk in the park. It takes a lot of time to create and, depending on your topic, maintain your course content. However, they can also be a very lucrative way to make money blogging. There are many WordPress plugins that enable you to use your blog as a platform for creating online courses. It’s the way we publish our own courses.

So, start a blog! Plant seeds for the future now; they’ll yield acorns and trees later!

Some of my most popular blog posts and the highest sources of income will be articles you write early on while fired up by your hobby and blog subject. Making money blogging is a labour of love for the first two or three years. It usually takes that time to find your voice and to learn from your growing audience what they want from you. helps if you have another source of income or a wealthy spouse to pick up the financial slack. I worked part-time as a freelance writer while creating my “blossom” blog series, and took the full-time plunge about a year ago. Like any small business or seedling, a blog needs time and energy. Nurture your blog from the ground up, and you’ll make money writing blogs.

How to make money from blogging

To keep you from feeling discouraged with the reality that blogging for profit is hard, I want you to consider the small portion of bloggers who make $100,000 a month. Immediately dismiss those who are using fake news, celebrity trends, or blog hosting to make money writing blogs. Focus on the real people who are creating real things like Erin chase, Kim Sergius, and Kelly Snyder. Who? you may or may not have heard of these women but this proves an excellent point. Most money-making bloggers are quietly hustling and creating a business… but you will never hear them talk about how much money they are making.

If you’ve got a hankering for SEO that a 90-minute course can’t satisfy, check out SEO for bloggers, a blogging course by money lab that’ll tell you literally everything you need to know (and more) about SEO. Aside from an overview of SEO, he also goes through the plugins and software he uses and recommends, how to find the right keywords to target, formatting and optimizing your content, link building, and much more that would make this list way too long to read.

Harper started “Shout Me Loud” in 2008 and has been posting his income report since February 2009 when he earned just $434. He started blogging as an interest but when he found out he could make money, he started posting aggressively. The result is, he now makes $39k per month. Harper is one of those bloggers who gets a huge amount of traffic. He reports all his traffic stats in his income report. The blog receives more than 1. 5 million page views a month. “Shout me Loud” has blog posts ranging from tech tips to creating blogs. He is one of the few survivors of google’s algorithm change. He also has a youtube channel where he creates, guess-what, video guides about creating blogs.

Can you really make money from blogging?

Do you think all these people would be doing it if they couldn't make money from blogging?

Do you think all these people would be doing it if they couldn’t make money from blogging?

Although it may take some time to generate significant revenue from your own blog, you can make money from blogging right away by blogging for other, well-established websites. Just show them the writing quality you have already achieved on your own blog and you will be in demand. You don’t have to give up your own blog. In fact, you’ll want to keep up your own writing as a way to build your writing portfolio, as potential clients will want to see samples of your work before hiring you. Most long-time professional freelance writers continue to write on their own blogs as a way to keep building credibility, expertise, and their own audience. They do this even while making six figures or more writing for others. Top freelance bloggers such as Elna Cain use this strategy; their blogs are a way to sell their writing services.

In the beginning stages of blogging (typically the first six months), you will likely feel a little lonely with few visitors and even fewer commenters. It’s very easy to give up during this stage. Don’t! instead, network with fellow bloggers, comment on other sites, and build relationships. I commented on hundreds of sites for the first year, and eventually, other bloggers took notice. I never would have imagined starting a personal finance blog would allow me to break free from corporate America three years later. This let me make money writing blogs while traveling for months on end, and give me the opportunity to pivot into the financial technology space.

Blogging can be a fulfilling hobby – a great way to express your passion for a particular subject. But make no mistake: it can also be a great way to make money, either as a side hustle or as a full-time career. Don’t believe me? Pat Flynn of smart passive income made over $2 million one year recently through his blog. Matthew of “True Valhalla” is a 20-year old game developer who is on track to make $500,000 this year from his blog. And Anil Agarwal of “Bloggers Passion” isn’t getting rich, but earns around $70,000 a year from his blog.

How Do You Make Money from Blogging?

You might have seen earning reports of top bloggers and wondered how they are able to make money from blogging. Well, the fact is that you too can make money writing blogs. It’s not rocket science. And it is pretty much possible. The heartening fact is that you have come to the right place. Here, I will list out how to make money from blogging. By going through this post, you can start your journey on the road to make money from blogging. Here, you will get to know different ways to make income as a blogger.

You’ve heard that you can make money writing blogs. And it’s true. You can. But only about 5% of bloggers earn a full-time income from their blogs. Really? You would think that number would be a lot bigger considering the income reports going around right? But just think about the small percentage of bloggers who actually post their income reports and make money compared to the thousands of blogs online. What you see is a very small fraction. So how do you make money writing blogs?.

Also, let me just say that every now and again I am pulled aside at a conference or am emailed and/or tweeted by someone wanting to get the “real” scoop on whether it is possible to make money blogging. Is it really possible to make a living from blogging? Or, is it just a small number of people making money from blogging? Is it only really possible to make money blogging if you write about the topic of making money blogging? I completely understand the questions and would probably want answers myself, if I hadn’t already made a lot of money with my blogs. The truth is that it is hard not to make money if your blog is half decent at tall!

How much money can you make money from blogging?

Diagram shows a multitude of ways to make money writing a blog.

Diagram shows a multitude of ways to make money writing a blog.

You’ve probably heard of people who work from home blogging and make good money doing it. But have you ever wondered how much money they make blogging? One guy on Reddit recently

“I’m asked all the time much I make. Just put it this way. Blogging funds our life, 2 adults, 2 kids now almost grown, full-time travel. Travel blogging and running my travel blog allowed us to see the world. We’re 100% legitimate and the money comes from the blog, not selling courses. We genuinely love travel and sharing the world with our readers, we’re going to continue to be travel. So here are some pointers and tips to help you make an income from your blog or website.”

If you put in a lot of effort on your blog, you probably want to know if you could make money from it. People love talking about the exceptional amounts of money they’ve earned with unusually successful blogs. There are a number of ways you can monetize your blog. Not all are equal, and but many are truly passive. I’ve tried my hand at monetization a few times, and while I’ve yet to strike a truly golden income, I’ve learned a lot in the process. These experiences give me a good understanding of what it takes to earn money blogging, and week by week, month by month I get better at it and earn more.

Can you blog about your life and make money from blogging?

Chart shows the Marketing Budgets of various industries.

This Chart shows the Marketing Budgets of various industries. Choose any one and you bet the businesses in your niche will have the money to pay you!

This question has come up quite a bit lately and I’ve answered it many times. Yes!

I wish I would have discovered blogging earlier in life! If so I would have been so far ahead of where I am now. I probably wouldn’t have fallen for so many scams and I wouldn’t have lost thousands of dollars trying to make money doing things that just didn’t work.

Do you love having a beautiful kitchen? are you proud of the tips and tricks you’ve used over the years to make it come to life? If so, you may already have the knowledge you need to start a kitchen design blog. Sure, there are a few technical things to work out, but there are many online resources to help you. This goes for anything from buying a domain name to making your blog’s logo. The creative opportunities are endless. Plus, if you do it right, you can turn your blog from a hobby into a full-time, money-making business!.

One of the best ways to develop a strong online presence is blogging. Blogging and win you friends, and for some even help their career. A quality blog opens many eyes. If you’re a business owner, you can increase your customer base, helping your business to succeed. Or, if you’re just looking to give your opinion on a subject, you may be able to earn money. Don’t let blogging consume you; continue doing other activities not related to blogging. When you fail to take time away from your computer to enjoy all that life has to offer it can lead to obsessive behaviors, often resulting in blog burnout.

The Easiest Way to Make Money from Blogging

Before you can start making money from your blog, you need to have a decent amount of consistent traffic. Attracting people and building readership takes time, but it’s worth the benefits you will get in the long-run. The only tried and tested method to attract and retain blog traffic is to write high-quality content regularly. You need to maintain an active blog in order to make sure that your readers (no matter how many you have) keep coming back. Once you have a decent number of followers, you can consider monetizing your blog.

Delighted blogger holds money after learning How to make money writing blogs.I began to network with other bloggers in Facebook groups and attended an in-person mastermind in may. The mastermind was a turning point in transforming my blog into a business. Most bloggers do not make their money from one income stream. I learned a ton from the ladies in my mastermind group and began to implement many of the steps immediately when I got home.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog for profit, there are some things that you should know going in. If you don’t take one single another thing away from this post, know these two things:

  • Blogging is a legit way to make a lot of money (and in 2020 this is more true now than ever).
  • You will be able to make good money doing this, I had no experience when I started, and in the grand scheme of life, I started making money very quickly.

So, if your burning question is “is blogging really profitable?” The answer is a resounding yes – it sure can be!.

How to earn money from blogging

An article written for others will earn you only one-time income, but an article written for your own blog can make you a lifetime income. And… that’s why blogging can make you lots of money. There are many ways you can make money writing blogs. One of the easiest ways is by placing AdSense ads on your blog.

Being a blogger differs from other online work. This is because you need to build a blog or a website by yourself. Even though it is among the best work from home jobs, you might earn money from it after a few months or years. However, depending on your niche, the nature of the blog, and your audience target, you can make good money from blogging.

Other Ways of Making Money From Blogging

The Big G Logo - Google loves well written blogs with well-written articles.I’m assuming you’re starting your own blog on a blog platform that you’ll own and run — your own website. That’s not the only way to start a blog. You can use a blog or social site like Medium, Linked In, Instagram, or Facebook. But, if you want to make money writing blogs, you need to build your own site. If you’re thinking about launching your blog on a blog site, you should stop here, and go check out the best blogging platforms and blog sites.  This step — choosing where to start your blog — is the “ one thing gurus always get wrong about blogging ” according to Gary Vaynerchuk.

It takes stamina to build a blog. You’ll need to nurture it by writing interesting and informative posts, publishing on a regular basis over time. Little by little, the number of people reading your posts will grow. Initially, you will have to be the one to reach out to possible sponsors. But if you can gradually and consistently grow your readership, money-making opportunities just might come looking for you. Blogging is not for the fainthearted. This is not about going viral or hitting it big overnight — you could easily be writing for a year before you start to make any money from it. But if you stick with it, it can be quite rewarding.

There is much potential for money-making through a website by selling text link ads. If you are planning to take blogging as a full-time profession then any of the extra sources of income that comes to you might help. So you must seriously try to consider selling the text links as a source of extra income. When the Adbrite guide started they used to contact the bloggers in order to give them a golden opportunity to sell the text link ads. Adbrite. Com was created with the aim of helping the publishers and also the advertisers so that they can maximize their return from many of another text link brokers. Adbrite works as a mediator in dealing between website publishers and advertisers.

How I Actually Started Making Money From Blogging

If you’ve got a penchant for the pen, and you’ve got a passion that you could reliably write to, then you might have what it takes to make money from blogging. But how, exactly, does one begin with blogging as a professional? Here are a few of the first steps that can help you find your seat.

Build the website the first thing to do is to build your blog. There are plenty of guides that go into detail on how to build a WordPress website from scratch. While you’re building it, it’s worth investing a little in a premium theme and some visual assets that won’t be so readily ripped and used by other websites.

After all this talk you might be asking yourself should even bother starting a blog. You most certainly should! Blogging is the ultimate gateway to making money because it opens yourself up to the world. Every day we are constantly fighting messages from millions of brands that we do not care about. Blogging helps you to build a connection to people that those brands can’t. Every day we are looking to find solutions to the problems we face. Blogging helps you provide those solutions for people.

Thoughts on “How I Actually Started Making Money From Blogging”

But earning a steady income from your blog won’t happen overnight. Making money as a blogger takes patience and perseverance. From hobby blogger to blogging for profit: are you ready to make the switch and start earning money as a blogger? When I started blogging five years ago, I didn’t set out to make money from my writing. I blogged because I wanted to meet new people. I wanted to learn about writing for the web and I wanted to create a website I could be proud of. I never thought about starting a blog that would one day make money.

If you landed here because you’re wondering how to start a blog and start blogging for money, then you’re in the right place. This article will cover, step by step, how to start a successful blog that you can use to start blogging for money. Even if you’re a total newbie and thinking “there’s no way I could ever start a blog – I have no experience blogging for money,” trust me – you can do it! You can use some cheap blogging tools to get started. With just a little help from the tips below, you can easily get started on making your own successful blog.

Around FWhen you get loved by Google - as shown here. You will start to make money from writing on your blog.ebruary of 2016, I started actively growing my blog audience and email list. I knew I eventually wanted to make money writing blogs plus grow a community of people I could help with freelance writing/blogging advice. My audience grew fairly quickly, which was awesome. But as far as making an income from my blog? But, for the first several months, I didn’t make shit. After putting in a lot of work, learning a ton, and busting my ass to help my community, my blog now generates a full-time income.

How to Make Money from Blogging  Beginner Guidance

Most of us feel extremely unconfident about the technical part of blogging. I know that a lot of people have so much to say to the world, but they just don’t know how to create a blog! Before you start thinking about how to make money writing blogs, the whole thing of maintaining a site, hosting, posting content looks so complicated. And it drives you away from the dream of making money blogging. This is why I created a step by step guide for beginners. You can start your blog virtually in 10-20 min following easy steps. Imagine, in so little time you can have your blog live, and everyone can see your progress and read your new posts! I find it very challenging and motivating at the same time.

If you search the internet for “how to make money blogging,” you’ll no doubt find a lot of advice. Sadly, much of what you’ll learn from well-intentioned gurus is incomplete—or inaccurate—and will at best guide you down the path to mediocrity. At worst, that advice could lead to dismal results. To create a profitable blog, you must treat your blog like a business, choose the best monetization strategies, and promote your business effectively. You must also track and analyze your results like a hawk and adjust your strategies when change is warranted.

When I first got into travel blogging, the way to make money was by selling links and having 40-50 niche websites with Google AdWords ads. Press trips didn’t exist for bloggers in those days and getting paid for my work was tough. There was no such thing as an Instagrammer or an ‘influencer. ’ ads didn’t pay much, and the idea of getting paid to travel was laughable to most of the industry. Thankfully it is much easier to monetize these days. It’s also a more competitive market. But, there are ways to jump ahead, though.

Need a low-cost high-value hosting service for your blog? Need it to be run by experts who know what bloggers need in order to make money on their blogs? Look no further! Not only do eZI-Gold Hosting offer a variety of hosting plans including starter plans, but they also don’t have hidden extras like Godaddy and most of the supposedly cheap hosting services, and they’ll help you get your first blog site up and running in no time. Let us help you get a great domain and start your blog, today!

Disclaimer: Blogging is not a quick and easy way to make extra cash. Anyone who promises you can make money writing blogs in your first month is likely misleading you. But if you’re interested in a long-term opportunity to build your own business and work from home on your own schedule, blogging could be for you!


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