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Believe it or not, there are hidden shared hosting email sending limits you probably aren’t aware of as a shared hosting account holder similar to those imposed by Microsoft and Gmail. We explain how no longer does the average person have the freedom to be able to send as many emails as they wish because very soon service providers step in to stop you sending too many emails.

Office365 email sending limit

Office 365 has some unusual limits on the number and size of messages you can send or receive. Office 365 has some restrictions on emails and how many you can send, but some are not calculated the usual way. Study your Office 365 email send limit and you’ll see what your limit is.

Here is a scenario which all email service providers are desperate to prevent. The account of a user gets hacked. The account starts sending 100,000s of emails. The email server operators reason that if they restrict that user to 100 emails per hour (or any arbitrary limit), they can control spam bursts like this to a great extent. limit

If you’ve been offline and busy working your outbox might have over 30 messages. When outlook reconnects to office 365 servers it’ll try to send those messages as soon as it can so it’s possible that the ’30 per minute’ limit will be breached (depending on the size of the emails and speed of connection).

The same sort of restrictions apply when sending emails from a web site/domain hosted on shared hosting. Email send limits for web hosting are normal, and the rules may say things like; “o more than 10 messages per second”. All mass emails must be compliant with their mass mailing policy.

Head over to Google Apps support pages for more information on sending and receiving limits. Having trouble managing a large number of emails? For example, Hiver’s shared mailbox will make have email management rules.

GoDaddy (Workspace email accounts) daily emailing limit

Cheapest shared plan highlights: Sending limit: 500 per hour. Limit type: per hosting account. Email accounts allowed: 10 on the cheapest plan, 1,000 on the largest plan. Because GoDaddy’s limit is calculated on a per-Cpanel-account basis, the number of email accounts you create won’t have any bearing on the number of emails you can send – you are still limited to 500 per hour or 12,000 per day.

Web-based GoDaddy email accounts holders can type the prefix “email. ” along with a domain name into a web browser address bar to access a GoDaddy webmail or workspace email account. Limitations for such web-enabled email accounts apply to incoming and outgoing mail size, an email’s total number of recipients and the account’s storage size.

Rackspace email send limits and More!

Know Your Mailing Cap! image is about Shared Hosting Email Sending LimitsHowever, to prevent spam, many web host providers enforce email send rate limits to their customers. The goal of this article is to show you the email send rate limit and options for most popular web host providers, such as GoDaddy, Fast Servers, Hostway, Rackspace, iPowerweb and more.

Gmail has certain email sending limits in place and you are only allowed to send a limited number of email messages per day. If you exceed the daily quota, google may temporarily disable your Gmail account without any warnings and you may have to wait for up to 24 hours before you can regain access to your Gmail mailbox.

Msn Hotmail email send rate limit & restrictions. The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a Hotmail account. Hotmail email send limit – no more than 100 recipients per day. Hotmail other SMTP limits – outgoing messages sent via Hotmail can not exceed 10mb per email (including attachments).

BlueHost Email is Not Unlimited

Bluehost email send rate limit – the default limit is set to 50 emails per hour. The limit may be raised by contacting the Bluehost support team and explaining why you need the send email limit to be lifted.

However, when sending mail from a different address, the original account’s message limits are applied. Rule 5: if you are sending emails through Google script, like in the case of Gmail mail merge, the daily sending limit is 100 recipients per day for free Gmail accounts.

Google Gmail email send rate limit & restrictions. The following restrictions apply when sending emails from a Google Gmail account: Gmail email send limit – no more than 500 recipients per message for the Gmail web interface, or max 100 recipients if you are using an email client software.

DreamHost Email Limit

You have to know this. Especially if you do email outreach. Each email service provider has its own email sending limits. The limits may be daily, hourly, and sometimes also per minute. If you’re sending cold email campaigns without being aware of your email provider’s limits, your email account may get blocked before you know it.

All of this may actually lead to a poor experience for your users, and an increase in support requests for you. I Shared Hosting Email Sending Limits featured image.suspect the new 150mb limit is not due to Microsoft endorsing the use of email for sending big files.

If you’re sending your cold emails using tools like Woodpecker, which sends emails from your own mailbox (your own SMTP), the limits of your email service provider are the ones to keep an eye on when setting up your cold email campaigns.

Yahoo! Mail Plus email sent limit

Yahoo mail other SMTP limits – max 10mb per message for the free yahoo mail service, or 20mb per message for Yahoo! mail plus. Yahoo mail SMTP restriction expiry method – n/a. Lycos mail – email send limits & restrictions.

This can be caused by several things such as. Maximum email numbers per hour: by default, Bluehost limits each customer to send a maximum 150 email per hour. In a day-by-day situation, when sending out business emails, this number won’t be a problem.

Woodpecker does not internally limit the number of emails you send a day, but your provider does. Sending too many emails a day (or sometimes even too many an hour, or a minute) may cause your email account to be blocked, i.

Yandex.mail email sending

Yandex.mail email sending limits also exist like which is limited to a set number of emails/day. However, we also know that the sending limit from a G-Suite account is 2,000 emails/day. So the question becomes: if you’re sending from your g suite account via the g suite SMTP relay, are your limits 2,000 emails/day or 10,000 emails/day? What’s the answer? I don’t know, but we’ll be testing this in our labs and publishing our findings in a future blog post.

Also a maximum of 200 test emails per account in any 24 hours. For most people, the test sending limits are more than adequate however if you reach your sending limits, you now know why 🙂.

Host Gator email sending limit

Per day: I couldn’t find direct info about Bluehost’s daily sending limit. Per hour: Bluehost allows for sending max 150 emails per hour with a frequency of 70 emails per 30 minutes. Additional good-to-know: Bluehost hosting says you can increase the hourly limit once you have a valid reason for doing that.

To see how this works, please see this VBulletin plugin. Email rate throttle in Vbulletin. Additional information:. It should be noted and often is not, that when you see email “limits” (if your host even advertises them) that your regular sending patterns, like replying to your buddy George about tonight’s dinner reservation counts as one email.

A mailing list larger than 5,000 requires a dedicated server or VPS hosting solution from host gator. Dividing the list into smaller ones is not permitted. Such limits shouldn’t worry you, though, as sending such quantity of emails is against the very idea of cold emailing.

What are the email sending limits?

How service providers step in to stop you sending too many emails.You won’t be able to send any kind of email from this account for 24 hours or more. If you know the limits, and set up your delivery time and the number of emails sent daily per campaign according to those limits, your campaigns will be smoothly sent as planned and your emails won’t be considered spam– provided that you’re not sending poor quality content without any personalization whatsoever.

There are several limits to consider when sending an email. These limits include those affecting the number of emails that can be sent as well as the size of the emails (including attachments) that are sent over our network.

Com based on factors, such as. Your email account’s age (if it’s less than 30 days old, your email sending limits are lower). How often you use your outlook. Com account (the more often, the better your reputation gets).


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